Super-Luxury 4-5 Bedroom Villlas & 7-8 Bedroom Mansions

AIDA Oceana & Trump Villas

Experience Nature's Serenity Around Every Corner

in Muscat, Oman

Starting Price

364,000 $


March 2027

Payment Plan


Overlooking The World

AIDA is an ode to the glorious ocean and undisturbed nature where the beautiful uncultivated cliffs flawlessly meet deep waters.

Nestled in the hilltops 130m above the shores is AIDA, an exclusive gated community and golfing destination, where real life melts away and inspiration begins.

A Gated Community by The Shores

Oceana is a refuge of luxury living cuddled in the hilltops of AIDA.

Surrounded by the Trump International Golf Club Oman, this exceptional gated community has everything residents and visitors desire. From opulent ocean front mansions and villas to premium condominiums within the golf community, and from the most extraordinary 5-star hotel on earth, to open green spaces, outdoor and recreational activities and exquisite dining options.

SPA Living Starts At Home

This is a home curated around wellbeing. In the garden of every villa is a hot tub — privacy, comfort, and the epitome of relaxation just outside your door.

Taking wellness to a whole new level is the ensuite steam room. This addition to the master bedroom is a state-of-the-art space where you can rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home, offering a seamless transition from daily demands to spa-like indulgence.

Extraordinary Ocean Front Living & Golfing Destination

With stunning views of the sea, luxurious amenities, and an array of activities to enjoy, AIDA is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and savor the best of all worlds.

Trump Villas

The Trump Villas are an exclusive inner circle accessible to only a select few. These luxurious residences represent the pinnacle of society, providing a gateway to a parallel world of unmatched class and elegance.

The architecture is comprised of distinct statements. The bold profiles of the Trump Villas establish a unique tone, heralding the invention of a new, powerful type of landmark.

A Paradise Perfectly Located

Paradise awaits you only 20 minutes from Downtown Muscat. Situated on the hilltops of Muscat, AIDA is surrounded by nature, outdoor activities and landmark destinations, including Nikki Beach Resort.

1 Min - Nikki Beach Resort & SPA(2024)
2 Min - YITI Beach
5 Min - Yenkit Beach
17 Min - marina sustainable city
20 Min - Downtown Muscat
25 Min - Muscat International Airport

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About the Developer

Established in 2017 to upend the global luxury real estate market, DarGlobal combines experience and innovation to deliver the highest quality properties. World-class architects curate DarGlobal’s homes that are modelled by renowned design icons; each DarGlobal home is built with the highest quality materials and maintained by experts within the field.

DarGlobal believes there is no better investment than an investment in luxury and takes pride in choosing the best-in-class locations and properties to provide lucrative investment opportunities for a distinct clientele.

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